BROOKS SPRINTER? - (Pictures donated by Jan Liska)

This is an unidentified B-17 from the Czech Republic, below is a copy of the owner's email. Our best guess is that is a Brooks Sprinter

I'm sending to you snaps of my Brooks saddle (on prompt on

I have found it (mouldy, wet - bad repair) in my father's workshop. I suppose, that it's the Brooks B17 Champion Sprinter and it could be about 30-35 year old (my father wasn't first owner). But unfortunately during the long-time using was most of letters rubbed off from the leather and now there is visible only writing "BROOKS", so I'm not quite sure about the model.
I haven't got an original Brooks Proofide Dressing in any Czech bike-shop (they sells it only in couple with a saddle :-/). So I have left it penetrate by edible oil :-) and by any kind of leather grease and now is a perfect - like new one. It's older then me (27) and still great.
I would be pleased, if you should identify real model and year of the manufacture.
Have a nice day,
                                 Jan Liska, Pilsen, Czech Rep."


10/28/08: Brooks expert Tony Colegrave writes:

"The saddle illustrated in your Museum of Pictures, from Jan Liska, is definately a B.17 Champion Sprinter. It's the last version that Brooks made (if you discount those ti-framed pastiches currently on the market) and would date from no earlier than the late 'fifties; it's quite probable that the cantle-plate will have a date-stamp, as date-stamping was introduced in 1959 - just after Brooks was acquired by Raleigh."



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