Bill, from wallbike, says;

"A fellow in England e-mailed: Had I ever heard of Mr. Lord's saddlebag holders? My answer was no. He said that Mr. Lord made these nice saddlebag racks, and that his one outlet for them was the commercial tent at the CTC York Rally every year. A cottage industry for sure. I had something that my correspondent wanted so we arranged a swap. I am quite impressed with this rack and the workmaship that went into it. It is fairly light and very functional. The funny thing is; my source said that he wasn't sure about the continued supply of these racks. It seems that Mr. Lord had been quite incensed at the modest admission fee for the CTC commercial tent that the organizers had imposed the previous year. All events at the York Rally are traditionally free. Mr. Lord chose to boycott the Rally and has not been heard from since."

Bill adds;

This makes a good story, but if anyone has any more accurate information about these racks and Mr. Lord, please let us know at



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